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As you all may or may not know.. I’ve been away for a long time… shock. My life has been up and down since i made this site. The last thing i showed on this site was about how i was so happy in my life, its perfect blah blah blah. Oh, and i had a “muffin” in the oven.

Life has shown me how cruel it really is. I am going to tell you about what really happened but for now i cant. My case is currently been looked at by lawyers as we speak. long story short, if that’s possible. i lost my beautiful son Caiden. On the 29th Novemeber 2018. My son was born at 3:41am. He was 21 weeks and lived for two hours. I just about managed to make it into the hospital.. minutes. i gave birth on my own in the hospital hallway. the week leading up to his birth, was dreadful. i had no care from the NHS. you’ll be shocked once you hear the full story. But for now i cannot disclose much information as its in the process with lawyers.

I am coming back to write about my story on what happened to me. It happens all the time and nobody likes to speak about it. Well, i wouldn’t say i’d like to speak about it. But i want to get this off my chest and bring awareness.

I use this site as a diary and a little platform where i can say what i want without getting judged. I am currently trying to get my page up together again, so please bare with me.

god bless.

I’m back, for real.

Well hello blog, long time now see. I’ve been ghost for well over a year now. And a lot has changed. Believe me. First off, I met the love of my life in November last year, which happened so fast, I wouldn’t say it’s been a fairytale as every couple has their ups and downs. So, what’s been going on in my crazy life huh? Well, just a little peak of what’s happened… I attended university last year and studied criminology with psychology… My dream course? I know I did it! … I did it, for maybe half a year then dropped out. Oops. I had so much going on in my life at the time. I will be going back to university in a years time again as I’m much settled in life. Say settled… In a serious relationship, living with my partner oh and a muffin in the oven. So stay tuned for updates and posts on that.

This was a little update to tell you guys, IM BACK BITCHS. there’s going to be a lot of changes for my blog site, especially name changing! Plus reasons why I took a break. Bare with me whilst I change my site completely. I hope to see you all here with me. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Taxi Driver Tried To Kidnap Me | STORYTIME

Everything mentioned in this post is true. None of this is for entertainment purposes. The reason why im writing this is to make people aware of what could happen to you at any time. Even when you think you’re in safe hands.

This happened when I was year 9, so I was around 13 years old. My mum always used to walk to school with me so she knew I was safe or my stepdad would drop me off. But sometimes I would walk to my cousins house at the end of the road and walk with her and a friend. But this day I was going to be late so my mum said I’ll get you a taxi in today so you’ll be on time. which was fine with me.

So, I get in the taxi and tell the driver the location and he said “front car park” off what ever road, which I just said yes please. So he knew where he was going and he even had the location of my school on his GPS.

The first thing I noticed was he turned the wrong way, I didn’t say anything as I thought he would’ve turned down a road or something. But he didn’t. While in the traffic lights he does something to his GPS so it goes off. he then messes around with his phone. Next thing he did petrified me….. HE LOCKED THE DOORS!!!!!!

After that I said you’re going the wrong way and he said “no no”, the right way. So I just shut up as he started to get frustrated with me. but then he started to go down a road that leads to a ferry port. Then I clearly knew something fucked up was going on. I told him to stop and he didn’t answer me, I said out loud “you’re going the wrong way”. So I pretend to text a friend on my phone. To then, I said I need to pick up a friend just down that road and he stopped the car and said “ok where WHERE”  I then say just pull in here and I’ll knock her door.

He then unlocks the car doors, where I then open the door, chuck money at him and RUN! I ran so fast. I was turning down all different roads, roads that cars could only go a certain way which I knew he wouldn’t be able to get down. My heart was racing, I was trying to get to school so I could then report it to reception then they could call my mum.

It took me 25 minutes to get to the school, which usually it would take 45- 50 minutes but I was pumped with adrenaline so I didn’t stop once! I was then two minutes away from the school where I find him going past in the taxi. I was so scared at this point.

Once I got into school I told them straight away. They rung my mum and my parents then rang the taxi company. We got our money back the money that I chucked at the driver. We get a call back maybe a day later and the man was fired as he has done something like that before.

I didn’t know what was going to happen at the time. Was he trying to get me out the country?? or do something??. I was petrified. Before the manager fired him, the bloke told him that he didn’t understand much English and he was only in the country for a month and a half!! He knew what he was doing, He understood English alright.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe,




My Creepy Stalker | STORYTIME

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Three years ago, I was on my Facebook writing silly statues / sharing videos when Suddenly I hear that notification noise, so I looked and had a friend request from this guy let’s say he’s called Derek. He looked nice, harmless, mysterious and we had two mutual friends in common. I didn’t accept his friend request for a few days. But when I did, Seconds after I got a message from him. He said “hello” so I spoke back, we exchanged messages for a few hours but after a while it was like I was talking to a different person. He randomly said “lets meet up tonyt” I thought that was a bit strange. I clicked onto his profile. He only had one picture, every friend of his was female and his statues were unusual. I was silly and didn’t view his profile when I accepted as before it was private with only one picture. I thought there would’ve been more photos.

At this point I was extremely creeped out, when I opened our conversation he had put lots of question marks. Which was odd as well, I was only gone a few minutes. I replied with “No sorry, I’m busy” i then deleted him off my Facebook. I thought everything was fine.

The next day I grabbed my phone to see if I had any messages or just the usual scroll through Facebook. When I saw lots of comments on my pictures from Derek! They were all like “you bitch” “add me back now” or just “hi” I also had friends of mine asking who this guy was. My cousin actually asked if the guy was bothering me. I lied and just said no, I didn’t think it was a massive problem. I deleted those comments very sharpish and then blocked him. (Back then my profile was open for anyone to view or comment)

Later that day, I had another friend request from the same person. I realized his picture looked a bit scary. It was just a picture of him close up to the camera with this glare in his eyes. It gave me shivers down my spine. Then it clicked…I blocked him and he’s made a new account. I blocked him AGAIN!. You won’t believe what happened next. He made another account and the same thing continued. He was able to send me messages and they were so aggressive, he was saying these things he wanted to do to me or what I should do to him. I felt physically sick. He made eight Facebook accounts to try and get to me.

I just ended up ignoring them. And I blocked his messages. Things felt okay ish. For a few months until I was on snapchat talking to friends and back then my snapchat was open to anyone. But anyway, talking to my friend about bikinis and stuff as we were going away to Devon for the weekend and we wanted to go swimming. I wasn’t sure what bikini to wear so I sent a picture to my bestfriend asking for her advice. As I’ve known her for over 10 years I didn’t think anything was wrong with that. I then clicked to see if she opened the picture and it said I never sent it to her.. Seconds later their was a screenshot from my story!!? I saw that the picture I was meant to send to my friend got sent to my story instead. I had one view and a screenshot and it was from someone called DEREk! … Shit. I know I was meant to send that to my friend but I’d never dream of sending that to everyone. I was only 16.

I messaged him asking why he had screenshot my picture and how he found me. He said “it looks like you’re wearing underwear, so if you stop talking I’ll send that to everyone you slut. I’ll lie and say you even sent rude ones by just showing that picture” I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. The thought of that picture getting out terrified me. I just begged him not to, I said he was a nice person and basically kissed his arse for a minute. Till I realized my motto is

“Fuck it”

So I then deleted him off snapchat.

Over a year had past things were good. Until, I get a message on Facebook from this person again. He said hello. I told him to go away. He replied back with a picture message… He  still had the picture of me. My heart started to race. I angrily asked him to leave me the fuck alone and what was he still doing with a picture like that. He just replied with “Blackmail I suppose, do what I say and meet me. Don’t under estimate me” I thought he was a joke. An hour later I got a message from my auntie and cousin saying who is Derek and I just replied with I didn’t know him and why. He even tried adding my auntie and cousins girlfriend. I don’t think he sent them the picture. I thought he would have.

Things were quiet up until this year. I eventually told my mum some of what he said and did. I showed her a picture of him too. She thought he was creepy and I should’ve told her! But back then I didn’t think.

That’s not all…

On my college course we usually go out to places after swimming. There was a field/ lake as such near my house which was handy as it would only take minutes to get home after leaving my classmates and teacher.Whilst we were at this field at this field there was a man sitting on the bench, I felt the need to look closely then it clicked…it was him. I froze and my heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest. It was him!? It was Derek?! He just starred at me for a second then stood up and watched me for 20 minutes. The next week we were back at the field. I saw him again, but when I looked five minutes later he was gone. I thought that was a relief but it wasn’t.

“He followed me home”

My neighbour noticed a man starring at my house from across the street. He was just starring with a blank expression looking at my house. I was very freaked out. I told her a brief description of him and even showed her a picture. She said that was him with no hesitation. He was apparently watching the house for weeks. Which makes sense, it started from when I saw him.

The next step was to the police. Since then there’s been nothing from him. I hope that’s it. I wasn’t going to admit it, but he did scare me. You don’t know what someone is capable of.

Don’t be silly like me and add people you don’t know on personal social media, I’ve learnt my lesson. Please don’t make the same mistake as me. I would’ve included screenshots but I cannot for my own protection.

(I found out this guy was 5-6 years older than me)

Thankyou for reading. None of this was for entertainment purposes, all real.


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